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CBN Gummies

CBN Gummies

Green Glass Labs sells colorful, flavorful CBN gummies for personal consumption and white label retailing. If you haven't tried a pack of our insatiable gummies yet, then you don't know what you are missing out on! Everything from the packaging to the gummies themselves makes you want to tear in and pop a few in your mouth. Green Glass Labs is proud to sell the most delicious gummies on the market for CBN consumption.

Are CBN Gummies Psychoactive?

CBN is a psychoactive cannabinoid compound found in both mature hemp and cannabis plants. Although research on this compound is relatively new, there have been some very positive developments concerning the use of CBN in treating specific conditions. Most notably, CBN has been shown to have a very powerful sedative effect, which could provide an all-natural alternative to narcotics.

Don't You Have to Smoke Cannabis Flower to Get CBN?

Smoking hemp or cannabis flower that has been oxidized and exposed to UV light is certainly one way to get your dose of CBN. A lot of people will buy a bag of marijuana flower and leave it open in a place where light and air can penetrate it. Through this process, the THC of the flower gets degraded, and it turns into CBN.

With gummies from Green Glass Labs, you don't need to go through such measures to obtain quality doses of CBN. The fact is; CBN gummies provide an ideal means for CBN consumers to obtain the cannabinoids that they desire. Gummies are tasty, sweet, and desirable. Perhaps more importantly, they're discreet!

Our Gummies are Delicious and Discreet

Rather than smoking marijuana flower to get CBN, vaping CBD oil, or pulling out a tincture at work or in public, CBN gummies from Green Glass Labs can be eaten any time, and no one will think twice about it. It's not that it matters if people know that you use cannabinoids for your health and well-being, but still, not everyone deserves to know your business. Plus, gummies provide a great way for you to control how much CBN you consume at a time.

What are the Benefits that You Can Expect by Taking CBN?

There are primarily four main benefits that you can expect when you start taking CBN. These are benefits that have been widely reported by CBN users:

1. Sedative Effect
Prolong your sleep time, enjoy a better quality of sleep, and perhaps find a natural alternative to medicinal sedatives.

2. Appetite Enhancement
CBD is known for its appetite suppression abilities, but CBN does the exact opposite!

3. Antibacterial
In clinical studies so far, CBN has been shown to act as a very powerful antibacterial, fighting off harmful bacteria, such as MRSA.

4. Anti-Inflammatory
CBN has been shown to reduce inflammation considerably.

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