Healing Services

The thorough healing services we provide are solely for your health benefit and ensure you are maintaining a healthy body inside and out. All of our services are the tune up for your body and to heal issues. Whether it's colon hydrotherapy to boost your immune system, and ionic footbath as a diagnostic and detox, cupping for aches and pains, nutritional counceling to gain answers, ear coning or yoni vaginal steam to heal reproductive organ issues... we are here to provide our professional services to you.

Yoni Steaming

The ancient remedy of Yoni Steaming dates back to the dawn of humanity and has been integrated into every community around the globe. The therapy consists of a warm, gentle steam infused with various herbal remedies that are used to nurture your vaginal canal, pelvis, and colon.

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About Us

Claremont Healing House offers holistic healing services, or one on one sessions regarding dietary choices, alkalinizing the body, vitamin/mineral supplementation, and education on which detox services and modalities are right for you. We offer methods to remove toxins from your body and allow you to feel healthier and increase your energy. Call us today to see what benefits your body is missing out on.

Why We Stand Apart

We are a holistic retail and services company that sells different products and services, while promoting health and wellness in Southern California. Our company offers flexible appointments outside of business hours. As our client, you are valued and your satisfaction is important to us, so we strive to maintain dependable customer service.