SF stem cell therapy

SF stem cell therapy

The rise of interest in stem cell therapy in SF can be attributed to the published benefits of this medical revolution. Its promise of giving relief to patients with chronic pain and injuries that are seemingly difficult to heal is very encouraging. Current research on using the therapy to apply to standard chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease are also reassuring. 

At Benchmark Biomedical, we have more than 30 years of experience in regenerative medicine. We have partnered with some of the most advanced specialists in the field of orthopedic and anti-aging. We also have partners who are starting out in the industry. 

Understanding Stem Cell 

The body’s repair kit is what we know as the stem cell. When you have an injury, the stem cells go to the injured area and start healing it. But this does not happen all the time as there are instances when the stem cells cannot go to the injured area due to the extent of the damage. During these occasions, the stem cells are harvested from the body and injected in the injured part. 

Modern Day Stem Cell Therapy Techniques 

In this era of development, stem cell therapy in SF paved the way for harvesting the stem cells directly from the patient’s body. The procedure is safe and quick, which collects the adipose tissue or fat cells. These are filled with stem cells. 

After the harvesting is done, the separation of the stem cells is made by spinning them via centrifuge. These are then reintroduced to the patient. 

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy 

Treatment of Orthopedic Injuries

The therapy allows regeneration of orthopedic tissues that make up bones, muscles, cartilage and tendons, adipose tissue and ligaments. Studies revealed that bone marrow stem cell injections proved to contribute to the reduction of chronic pain, improve functionality, and heal severe injuries involving bone repair, cartilage replacement and soft tissue repair.

It was also found that patients can go back to their usual routine in just a little over a week. 

Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases 

Cardiovascular diseases deprive the heart of oxygen, which causes the formation of scar tissues. These scar tissues alter blood flow thus changing the blood pressure. The introduction of SF stem cell therapy helps stimulate repair and future growth of blood vessel tissue and generates specialized heart muscle cells to grow new tissue.

Additionally, stem cell therapy can also:

Decrease scar tissue formation, which aids in restoring blood flow and normalize blood pressure

Improve the creation of new capillaries; and reduce the overstretching of cardiac cells, which assists in preventing heart failure

Aids in Healing Wounds

Stem cell therapy in SF can also help in wound healing. This is made possible by the increase in the skin’s collagen concentrations. This reduces as it matures, thus, strengthening and tightening the damaged area. 

For your stem cell therapy needs, Benchmark Biomedical is here to serve you. Our expertise in this industry is regarded as the standards of the field. Get in touch with us today to get this revolutionary medical technique.

SF stem cell therapy

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