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Sex Rehabs

An addiction to sex is often characterized by obsessive, compulsive behavior of a sexual nature. Someone who has this type of behavioral addiction might also start to develop a series of troubles throughout other aspects of their daily life, including school, work, or in their relationships with family and others. There could also be an issue concentrating or trying to enjoy activities or people who had once been meaningful. If you or someone that you know is going through this, you may want to look into the best sex rehabs to get the right level of treatment. 

Why Choose an Addiction Rehabilitation Program?

With an addiction rehabilitation treatment plan, the methods used are evidence-based and show that they help people who are looking to overcome the addiction disease that they are stricken with. There are rehab centers to help people who are dealing with addiction to things like drugs and alcohol, but others will focus on other addictive behaviors. Therapy and counseling are generally very helpful for someone showing signs of compulsive sexual behavior. However, it is also best to find ways to address some of the underlying causes and mental health reasons they may be behind such behavior.

Selecting the Best Rehab Center for Sexual Addiction 

Even though you may not have heard about many sex addiction treatment centers, they have been around for many decades. These sex rehabs will use three main characteristics to help identify the addicts, including sexual compulsivity, sexual preoccupation, and the overall inability to stop. Having a preoccupation with sex basically means that you think about it non-stop. With compulsivity the person will most often act on the impulses they have to engage in sexual activity. The inability to stop means that they have lost control of both thoughts and behaviors when it comes to sex, even if they have a desire to stop. 

Sexual recovery treatment will come in several forms, including: 

  • Residential treatment programs
  • Outpatient programs
  • Intensive outpatient programs
  • Counseling sessions
  • Twelve-step groups 

When selecting a facility, you also need to know that there are plenty of other factors that go into the treatment process. The length of time that you or your loved one should stay in treatment will depend on a broad range of factors, such as:

  • Patient needs
  • Overall severity of the sexual addiction
  • Length of time that the addiction has been present
  • Progress of the patient
  • Medical personnel recommendations
  • Any other co-occurring conditions 

It is always best to remember that recovery from sex addiction is not much different than other addictions in that the journey is different for every patient. Some people will stay in sex rehabs for 30 days while others may need a longer and more intensive program. If you are looking for a facility that has it all, including some of the best holistic healing in the world, we would love to talk with you at Johnny the Healer. As a luxury rehabilitation center, we help patients going through a variety of addiction issues. Give us a call today at (310) 601-7805 or use our online contact form to gather more information.


Sex Rehabs
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