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Jacksonville catheters

Jacksonville catheters

Jacksonville catheters suppliers are a necessity for many after major medical procedures. MyCaths by Affordable Medical provides affordable medical supplies discretely and affordably.

Affordable monthly urological supplies

Catheters and other urological devices are not generally reusable. While it may seem like a way to save money, it can result in dangerous medical issues.

We send a monthly supply of equipment and are in-network for most insurance providers. Your Medicare or commercial plans cover the cost of our products. Receive the diapers, briefs, and other products you need to live.

What types of urological supplies exist?

Waste disposal is a necessity. Whether draining byproducts from a wound or collecting urine and fecal matter, catheters serve a major role in modern medicine.

Diapers, specialized boxers, briefs, and other equipment help eliminate waste discretely while you go about your daily life. These types of products help to eliminate waste from your body.

Can I reuse my catheters?

Catheters are not reusable. While you can attempt to sterilize your catheter, this is generally not recommended. A urinary tract infection is possible if not done thoroughly.

Insurance carriers generally recommend disposing of these devices after a single use. The FDA lists catheters as a single-use product.

Are there affordable urological supplies?

MyCaths by Affordable Medical strives to provide the best devices at the lowest cost. We carry some of the best lines without sacrificing quality.

Choose from Attends, MTG, Coviden, Cure, and Prevail. Insurance plans cover many of these products so that you can continue to heal and live your life to the fullest.

Discretely shipped urological supplies in Jacksonville

MyCaths packing attempts to be as discrete as possible. Avoid any complications and the prying eyes of others with our services.

We ship directly to your door through UPS. Get the most from a single subscription.

Experienced medical supplier in Jacksonville

MyCaths has 25 years of combined experience to find products our customers need. Our staff strives to meet the unique needs of every customer.

Customer service is the core of our business. We want to serve your needs.

Diabetic supplies

Diabetes is a serious condition and uses many of the same materials we supply to others. We offer the tools you need to monitor your blood glucose level.

Affordable supplies are a necessity when you need to monitor your body multiple times per day. Gain access to the information you need at a cost you can afford.

Where can I purchase urological supplies in Jacksonville?

Jacksonville catheters help many locals thrive in the sunny state of Florida. MyCaths by Affordable Medical strives to serve the needs of the local market. We work hard to serve the needs of every customer while falling under most medical plans including Medicare.

Whether you need a catheter or another urological supply, we can help you gain access to the equipment you need to thrive. Get in touch with our experts today to gain access to the urological supplies you need in the greater Jacksonville area.


Jacksonville catheters

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