Functional Medicine Mn

Functional Medicine Mn

Discover how you can restore health through functional medicine in MN when conventional treatments don’t work; get in touch with our functional medicine doctors from Autoimmune Angels by calling 507-258-4465 and setting up a free health assessment. Western medicine often seeks to mask symptoms of illness and disease instead of getting to the root cause; our alternative medicine doctors use an integrative healing method that utilizes the best of conventional and alternative treatments to holistically address autoimmune disorders.

5 Surprising Benefits Of Functional Medicine

1. Instead of treating patients as though they’re the disease instead of the patient, functional medicine creates a customized plan for healing based on individual medical history and health goals. It’s no secret that the American healthcare system is simply not working for everyone. If you’re seeking a new approach to wellness, Autoimmune Angels can help you find a natural path to healing through integrative medicine.

2. If you’re tired of following your doctor’s advice when it’s clear that treatment isn’t working for you, Functional medicine in MN can allow you to form a patient-doctor partnership that will give you more input into the type of treatment you agree to. If you feel as though your voice goes unheard when you visit your doctor, consider contacting Autoimmune Angels to spend more time forming a give-and-take relationship with our team. Our holisic medicine doctors provide patients with new ways to treat illness when familiar prescription medications and protocols fail to yield favorable results.

3. Integrative medicine treats core disorders rather than symptoms. At Autoimmune Angels, we know that in order for patients to begin healing, what is needed is an in-depth look at lifestyle circumstances, diet, nutrition, and environmental factors that may be causing illness. What is functional medicine? It’s not the alternative medicine you may have though it was, rather, it’s an integrative method of treatment that takes the best of what western and alternative protocols have to offer, combining them to resolve health issues in the long-term.

4. If Rx medications are the quick fix to disease, functional medicine in MN is the marathon approach that can help patients enjoy a better quality of life. Implementing lifestyle changes is a necessary part of the process, and while it may seem challenging, you’ll find that the benefits far outweigh any discomfort or difficulty you may experience along the way.

5. It may take longer for you to experience the benefits of functional medicine, but the good news is, you’re not just masking your symptoms- you’re actually healing your body from disease and rebuilding your health from the ground up when you choose functional medicine in MN at Autoimmune Angels.

Set up your free health assessment today when you call our clinic at 507-258-4465; spend time with our medical specialists, and discover once and for all what led to your illness, why it’s been so difficult to treat, and how to go about reversing your autoimmune disorder through our DRESS treatment model:

  • Diet
  • Rest
  • Exercise
  • Stress Reeuction
  • Supplements


Functional Medicine Mn
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Functional Medicine Mn
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