Florida Medical Weed

Florida Medical Weed

As you search for a local dispensary to purchase Florida medical weed, keep HT Medical Cannabis in mind for affordably priced cannabis that can deliver consistent results. Due to the manner in which our plants are bred, hand-trimmed, hang-dried, and grown under strict care and monitoring, you’ll enjoy a product that is superior in quality, taste, and effect. We utilize crop protection methods that ensure our customers have access to a safe product that’s free from chemicals. Shop with confidence on our website when comparing medical cannabis dispensaries.

Q: What is the difference between medical and recreational marijuana?

A: While recreational cannabis is typically sold to customers looking for a  high, the best medical cannabis strains are high in CBD and have a lower THC content, as a rule of thumb. With medicinal marijuana, the goal is not to get high, but rather, to aid in the treatment pain or symptoms of a medical condition.

Q: How can I buy medical marijuana in Florida?

A: Ask your doctor for a recommendation or contact HT Medical Cannabis and we’ll direct you to a FL doctor who can prescribe medicinal marijuana for you if you have an eligible condition. You’ll find more information on our website about qualifying conditions as well as steps to take to apply for your ID card.

Q: Which medical conditions do physicians typically approve for marijuana treatment?

A: Florida medical weed is used to aid in the treatment plan for pain, anorexia, nausea from chemo, anxiety, sleep problems, autism, epilepsy, MS, cancer, and many other medical conditions. If you’re living with a condition that has not responded well to conventional treatment, ask your doctor to prescribe medical cannabis for you and see if it makes a difference in your treatment plan. Once you’ve been approved for a marijuana card, you can order medicinal marijuana online from HT Medical Cannabis.

Q: Is medicinal marijuana addictive?

A: Most doctors agree that the benefits far outweigh the risks when it comes to treating pain and medical condition symptoms with cannabis; in fact, research has shown that in low, therapeutic doses, the risk of addiction is quite low. We recommend using the lowest possible dose to treat your condition when using cannabis as a treatment.

Q: How can I find a reputable medical marijuana dispensary?

A: Perform due diligence by reading reviews online and making a few phone calls prior to placing an online order. Feel free to reach out to HT Medical Cannabis by phone at 352-987-8406; let us know a little bit about your situation and we’ll help you select the right cannabis strains for you, direct you to a physician who can help you get approved, or simply answer questions for you over the phone.

Q: How do I place my first order with HT Medical Cannabis?

A: Shop on our website- don’t forget to check out sale items, current specials, staff picks, and trending products we have in stock. We’ll put your order together and have it ready for you to pick up when you arrive.

Florida Medical Weed
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